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Our services  includes a comprehensive consult to help identify gaps,  find   new clients, and create  ways to grow your organization .

We also offer a suite of quality products that will help you get there quickly and smoothly.


Why Us?


Massa Associates is a family-based firm that specializes in creating a diverse, unique relationship that will exceed any expectations. 

 Richard "Rich" Massa, the founder and principal has over more than three decades of experience. Rich and his associates have experience in growing organizations not only in profits but broaden their exposure to new markets and increase the overall strength of their company.

 His interests and devotion are not limited to the business world; Rich has worked with independent schools, nonprofits, and other private groups for over 30 years on a sliding scale basis, helping them reach their true potential.


Our Experience

Thirty plus years of successful hands-on management and leadership experience helping organizations succeed.

 We believe in supporting organizations and their staff to make them a leader in their industry.

We develop all areas of leadership, through organizational theory, a proven track record, and hands on experience.

 Our  background includes for profit, non-profit, and the private sector .

 With an emphasis on start-ups, and companies in turmoil, our development/leadership skills truly transform organizations in reaching well beyond  their  potential.

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